Creative Kickstart

The best press and marketing campaigns are inspired by great ideas.

Great ideas can invigorate campaigns, identify new opportunities and routes to market. They can uncover the magnificent hidden in the seemingly mundane and they form the basis of every Oh Really Creative Solutions press and marketing campaign.

The Creative Kickstart Package was created with this in mind and has been designed to develop the potential within your organisation. To facilitate the ideas and inspiration needed to boost your campaign. It could be developing a fresh approach for your PR campaign or giving you the tools for a last minute sales push. Working together we’ll refine your message, find the ultimate vehicle for doing so and add some serious kick to an existing project.

Creative Kickstart is perfect for:

•  Projects on a limited budget where creativity is key to success

•  Igniting press and marketing campaigns that have stalled or need an extra push

•  Finding the quickest route to the desired result for your campaign

•  Starting your project on the right foot and knowing you’re going in the right direction

•  Adding the finishing touches to a project or product including everything from finding the right name to unearthing the story that will deliver your message most effectively


For more details on the series of Creative Kickstart Services and how they can benefit your organisation please download the Creative Kickstart document below:

Oh Really Great Ideas


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