Amateur Boxing Scotland


Amateur Boxing Scotland is the national governing body for amateur boxing in Scotland.

Following a successful Creative Kickstart session Oh Really Creative Solutions was brought on board to support ABS’s Bring Back Boxing Campaign which was a series of home internationals for Schoolboy’s, Junior and Youth boxers. Bring Back Boxing was designed to nurture Scotland’s young boxing talent ahead of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 and saw Scottish selections face their counterparts from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Oh Really also provided PR support for ABS’s Just Box Campaign to encourage women boxers and the 2011 National Boxing Championships.

The Bring Back Boxing Campaign gained media momentum with previews in local, regional and national media. The high point of the campaign featured the international debut of Louise Mitchell, the first woman to box for Scotland. Louise and Amateur Boxing Scotland were featured on the front pages, on both Scottish TV news channels and national radio including BBC Radio Five Live. The Just Box Campaign was covered in a double page spread a national newspaper and the 2011 National Boxing Championships saw Owen’s first foray into sports reporting on behalf of another national newspaper.


Image: Julie Howden @ The Herald

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