The Comedy Unit


The Comedy Unit produce award winning comedy programming in the fields of scripted comedy and entertainment. The company works across many platforms including broadcast television, radio, online and live production. The company consistently delivers high rating quality programmes to large audiences while simultaneously developing new performing and writing talent.

Following a hugely enjoyable stint working on on the press and marketing for How to Look Good Naked Live! in 2007, Oh Really have been invited back to deliver publicity campaigns for a host of Comedy Unit Productions. These have included; Gary: Tank Commander, Limmy’s Show, Burnistoun and the legendary Rab C Nesbitt.

Oh Really have also had the pleasure of working with 2Entertain on publicising the DVD releases for the above shows.

Highlights have included a five day special in a Scottish daily for Rab C Nesbitt, numerous guest spots on radio and TV and the opportunity to work with some of the best comedy talent in Britain.


Image: Rab C Nesbitt Series 10 – Alan Peebles for The Comedy Unit

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